Frequently Asked Questions

Answer all of your questions

What is Pinch of English?

Pinch of English is a platform created to enhance English Language skills in all four core areas such as LSRW – Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing. Pinch of English predominantly concentrates on spoken English which is the need of the hour.

How will Pinch of English help English Language Learners?

Pinch of English is dedicated to bring in all available resources out in the world under one roof to help learners of English Language gain mastery over the language over a period of time. Currently POE has a blog to share ideas, inputs, news and vital information about language learning. POE has a Forum in place where learners can ask their questions on Language learning and experts can offer free advice. POE also has other venues for learners to expose themselves to the language such as Word of the day, Online Exercises, Worksheet Downloads, and quizzes and contests rolled out at regular intervals.

Is Pinch of English Membership free?

Yes Pinch of English membership is absolutely free. POE has two major types of membership one is the Experts of the language and the other is the learners of the language. POE Classifies experts of language as anyone who has a certification from reputed and recognised organisations in teaching English or certified to teach any particular English course. Experts may be teachers of the language, native English speakers or others who have very good mastery over the language. POE classifies learners as people intending to learn the language, acquire knowledge, gain exposure and improve their mastery over the language.

To become a member all one has to do is fill in the registration form and choose the type of member that you best fit in so that people understand if you are a learner or an expert and approach you accordingly.

What makes Pinch of English different from other platforms?

If you are a registered member and if you’re serious about learning English, by this time you would have seen the motivation strategy in place. “Earn While You Learn” reward points system which can be rewarding for learners. Who cares if you learn English or not but Pinch of English cares, we mean business and we are sure that one day over a period of time you will master the language.

Does Pinch of English offer any English Language Courses?

At the moment POE doesn’t offer any English Language Courses however we are working on providing online courses which will be implemented in the near future.

Does Pinch of English conduct any workshops or contests?

You can look out for that information on our events column as we update it when there is any events, workshops or contests coming up both online and offline. To make things easier you can opt for emails which we will be sending regularly on any updates that our members need to know. If you find any workshops or contests rolled out kindly read the terms and conditions carefully to check your eligibility and then participate, as most of the contests are rolled out for members who live in India. Webinars can definitely be an exception for members to participate from all over the world.

What is Earn while you Learn concept with Pinch of English?

Earn while you learn is a motivational concept run by Pinch of English to encourage learners to participate actively on the English learning platform, like taking the exercises to earn points, opting for contests or participating in the forums and so on. Kindly refer to Earn while you learn and the terms and conditions that apply. Every member can earn points however redemption of points is only for members who live in India and in the near future it will be implemented in other countries too.

Do I need a Debit or Credit Card to sign up with POE?

NO, membership is absolutely free. You don’t need to pay to join us to learn, you can explore loads of free lessons, exercises and information on POE site. All you need is an email id to join us and be above 18 years of age.

Does Pinch of English have a subscription plan?

No POE has not come up with any subscription plans as of now however if we intend to come up with one as a member you will be the first one to know about it.

Does everyone have to pay for contests and competitions?

Yes, if there is a contest rolled out and if there is a registration charge mentioned then one has to pay to participate. If no charges are mentioned then the contest is free.

Are there free contests on Pinch of English?

Yes, every exercise is free and members can also earn reward points on successfully completing the exercises.

Are there any rewards for Teachers / Trainers / Experts?

Yes, we are thinking about monitoring the support extended by teachers, trainers and experts and their consistency and would definitely come up with some rewards that can be very motivating and supportive. Your support is very important to us and appreciate your contribution to the development of learners of English on POE.